garage-door-repair (1)Located about 19 miles from Seattle, Kent is situated within the precepts of King County.  With plenty of residence and townhouses, working of garage doors is a must. However, you might be looking for a specialist to come in and get the garage door repaired on the weekend, but most of the companies in Kent are closed. Your car is stuck or the garage doors don’t close. That is when Kent Garage Pros steps in. We work 24/7 all through the year, in all weathers and ensure that you remain safe and secure. The garage door is not just to protect your vehicle but is an entrance to your home and that is why it requires maximum coverage.

There may be plenty of reasons to require the services of Kent Garage Pros services. The weather can be very unpredictable. Even today with the technology weather men have to predict the weather, it seems that there is a twist at the last minute. Storms are more often and more damaging when they occur. Even when the simplest thunderstorm comes, it could cause damage to your garage doors.

Weather woes damage garage doors

Here are some tips to help you when the weather doesn’t want to stay outside your garage doors.

Hail is bad and can cause a lot of damage to your garage door. Hail can range in size from golf balls to the size of cantaloupes. When hail storms pass over your home, you need to first check the damage around your garage door and your home. As hail falls down, it hits hard with a lot of pressure behind it, leaving dents in metals, such as garage doors. Kent Garage Pros know how to do garage door repair in Kent.

When thunderstorms pass through, lightning hits, it can cause a lot of damage from high winds to lightning strikes in the tree in front of your home. When the lightning strikes, it can actually fall over and dent your garage door, leaving you in need of a garage door repair in Kent. When the storm is over, evaluate the situation and see what all needs to be done. Your garage door may have just been bumped by falling tree limbs and may not need a lot of work to repair it. However, in most cases, if the garage door is close the tree; it will most certainly receive some type of damage that will require a professional to repair.

Does insurance cover garage door repairs?

Sometimes, homeowners insurance will cover garage door repair in Kent, depending on the cause of the damage. When it is weather related, the insurance companies will most likely pay for it because it is an act of nature. It’s always a good idea to call your home insurance policy owner and see if they cover the damage that your garage door sustained. If it doesn’t, you can call Kent Garage Pros for garage door repair.  We will ensure that if you need to file for homeowners insurance, we’ll get the paperwork done so that you are able to get the insurance cover for the repair.

It is important to work with trained garage door specialists and you’d be pleased to know that we only screen and hire trained and experienced technicians. Garage doors have over 300 components and any of that can be require repairs. That is why you cannot just call in anyone. You need someone knowledgeable and licensed to handle these doors. Whether it is new installation, repair or replacements, we do it all with equal professionalism and quality.

Replacement of garage door

If you need repairs to a garage door that has been repaired before, you may want to consider replacing your garage doors completely. We offer free quotes on your repair jobs but if we think that the door is beyond, we’ll be honest and let you know in advance so that you don’t lose money over getting it repaired and then replaced. We are a trusted company and with hundreds of referrals over the years, we know that people trust us.

For us, our customers are priority and that is why we offer a warranty on the spare parts and the labor is guaranteed for 90 days. Additionally, we are available 24/7 so call us anytime in the cities of New Castle, Mercer Island, Renton, Bellevue, Kent, Issaquah, Kirkland, and Redmond. Garage door repair can be affordable if you go through the Kent Garage Pros first.