If you go out one day and open your garage door only to find that it doesn’t want to close again, you may have a misaligned garage door. When you consider the weight of the garage door can be as much as five hundred pounds. The springs on the side of the garage door may be all that’s keeping your door on the right track at all times. Unfortunately, the spring can finally give way and snap into leaving your door misaligned and you will be unable to put it back on track without a replacement spring.

The New Castle Garage Door Repair can help with misaligned garage door repair and we are only a phone call away. Our professionals will come to your home with the right tools to measure the spring in order to get the right spring to replace it with. It’s important to know that when your garage door spring snaps, it will not function at all and if you are in the path of the spring, it may even snap off with force and cause injury. Always stay away from the springs if your garage door suddenly becomes misaligned. They can be very dangerous when you least expect it. The New Castle Garage Door Repair Service will then remove the spring and replace it with a brand new tight fitting tension.

Other than springs, there are plenty of other things that can go wrong especially when there are over 300 parts in most garage doors. Unlike ordinary doors, garage doors have tracks, sensors, wiring and are heavy which makes it impossible to be handled by a lone individual when it is off its hinges. You need a gantry or lifting equipment so that it can be unhinged safely. Not all companies have the right equipment or licensed staff to ensure that the complete installation or repair work is done as per requirement.

However at New Castle Garage Door Service and installation , we only hire and work with the best in the industry and as our technicians are local residents, they understand the issues that you might be facing better. It may happen suddenly or it may happen over time, you may not even know that the door is becoming misaligned until it happens. If you trust your garage door to lift up every morning to let you pull out of your garage to go to work or take the kids to school, and one morning it doesn’t lift, you may be stuck behind that door with no other option. New Castle Garage Door Spring replacement  will be able to save or replace your misaligned garage door repair. Additionally, we work on a plethora of other issues that you might be facing with the door including:

  • Weak transmitter batteries
  • Non-aligned tracks
  • Broken cables
  • Disconnected sensors
  • Short circuit in the wiring
  • Broken springs

Garage door repair experts are quick and efficient so call them, because you don’t want to stay trapped behind that garage door for long. You want to make sure that you can get to work at any time. If you can’t get to work, you can’t afford the garage door that you go to work every day to pay for.Garage Door Repair New Castle understands that you depend on your garage door to work every time and they will work hard to keep you happy.

24/7 Emergency services with Garage Door Repair Pros

Unlike other companies, we don’t work Monday to Friday but we work the whole week, all 24 hours a day because we know that you might need our assistance anytime of the day or night. Thus, don’t hesitate to call us if you find issues with your garage door at 3 am or on a Friday evening. We’ll be there within 30 to 40 minutes depending upon the traffic. Considering your busy schedule, we are even available to serve your installation or repair need over the weekends because you might be home then. However, you can schedule an appointment in advance so we can come on time. Usually our technicians ensure that the repair or installation job is completed within the same visit but I there is an out of stock spare part required, we’ll source it within 24 hours. We’ll keep you informed about it.

Thus, irrespective of the issues that you are facing, ignore the time of the day or night and call us. We’ll be glad to offer the professional assistance you need. Call us now and let us get started on the new installation or complete the repairs.