faviconFinding a new garage door could be quite overwhelming and incredibly challenging. But looking for the right professional can be hard but fortunately for you Sammamish Garage Pros is here to assist our customers with their specific requirements you. We fully understand the importance of a garage door. It has to match your overall outlook of the house, it has to provide you with protection and comfort and it has to be working, most of all.

You begin thinking about your garage door only when it malfunctions. You’ve probably never thought of how often you open and close it. And the wear and tear leads to malfunctioning doors. Of course, you could also try to go ahead and repair it on your own, but chances are that you are only going to make the situation worse. Instead, you might consider calling Sammamish Garage Pros to get the work carried out professionally and within the shortest time frame.

If we think that the door can be repaired, we’ll give you a written quote based on the amount of repairs needed but if the current garage door is beyond repair or the repairs won’t last for a long time and replacement of garage door is needed, we’ll notify you.

Once you’ve reached out to us, we are going to identify the model of your current door and the new door type and style that you are looking for. With this in mind, here are the most common types of garage doors that are usually installed by homeowners in Sammamish:

  • Sectional garage door: this would provide you with a wide opening and it doesn’t require installing tracks. The door is going to slide up the ceiling of the garage once you want to open it. They are generally made out of steel and they are sealed properly when they are closed.
  • Retractable garage door: this is most preferred garage doors. It’s easy to install by fitting the track along the door top. It’s then held in place by the springs placed on each one of the sides. It’s also programmable which should make the open and close process easy.
  • Canopy garage door: This might not be the best option for you if you want an automated door. Besides that, the door is quite similar to the retractable one but it doesn’t slide on the ceiling but it hangs out.
  • Carriage house doors: They are also known as barn doors and it is the perfect pick if you want to keep the ceiling clear.
  • Roller garage doors: they are also preferred and our company, Sammamish Garage Pro can easily handle the installation. A roller is going to rise up but it doesn’t slide on the ceiling. It rolls up by using a simple spindle. The door is made out of aluminum or steel.

Top Notch Repair Services

Furthermore, our company offers perfect repair services. Once we are through with the repair, you won’t even notice where the damage was. Our trained technicians and skilled professionals are capable of handling a wide range of problems and they are used to diagnosing the issue right away. All of the replacements are carried out during the same day so that you don’t waste any more time. We, at Sammamish Garage Pros, value your time because we understand how important it is.

Apart from selecting a particular style, you can also choose the door based on the material it’s made out of. We have steel, custom wood, fiberglass, and vinyl. Then there are insulated garage doors with two or three layers of polystyrene – the choice is all yours. Whether you need insulated doors or non-insulated garage doors, we have plenty of choices for you to pick from. Our specialists are trained, licensed and used to explaining the pros and the cons of each garage door individually, as they want to clarify everything to our clients. This would also help you make the best of your money. You can give us a call and we are going to properly determine what kind of door suits your garage, by taking into consideration all of the variables of your home.