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Garage Door Repairs

Regardless if you need a repair or an installation of a new door, it’s not advisable to conduct the process on your own. The doors have more than 300 heavy duty components which are intended to be perfectly combined to ensure the proper functioning of the door. It’s rather risky to carry out anything on your own. You shouldn’t try to save some money because you might end up with greater problems. You might damage the door or hurt yourself.

If you have been using the same doors for years, you might as well notice that your garage door is in need of servicing. Once it stops working as intended, your home becomes vulnerable and susceptible to break-ins and it’s exposed to the weather conditions. You should definitely consider hiring Issaquah Garage Door Repair Pros to carry out the repairs. The company is efficient, prompt and most importantly – always available.

Highly Qualified Professionals

Issaquah Garage Door Repair Pros is equipped with all the right tools to carry out every repair or replacement. The technicians are all vastly experienced and have a lot of expertise. They fully understand what’s required of them and how to carry it out. We offer our professionals constant training in a variety of related fields. The majority of complaints that we receive are related with:

  • Replacement of sensors, cables, torsion springs, hinges
  • New installation of doors
  • Setting remote controls
  • Changing sensors


torsion and extension garage door springs


Quality Service At A Reasonable Price

The services of Garage Door repair Issaquah are truly reliable and affordable. They would provide you with a quote of the total price which is always fair. The company offers same day replacements because it values your own free time. This is why the technicians are swift, prompt and highly effective.

A lot of things may cause a malfunction in your garage door. It could be related with the inner components of the opening mechanism or the track could have become rusted. This could just as well prevent the door from opening smoothly. Regardless of the reason, it’s important to handle it as fast as possible and to contact technicians to carry out the repair. The repair of the door should take us no more than a couple of days, depending on the complexity of the issue. Once you contact our specialists, they would come to the place, take a look at the door and provide you with a quote. You can think about it and if interested – the technicians would carry out the work as described in the quote.

Installation of new garage doors

If you are looking to change the look of your garage doors, you can choose from contemporary, traditional, modern and even vintage cottage-styled look garage doors. Whether they are rolled up garage doors or sectional garage doors, we’ll be able to assist you with the purchase and installation.

Once the door is completed and works as intended, it would be highly appreciated if you let your friends and colleagues know how good a job our company did. Leaving a review on the website should suffice and it would enable people to read about Issaquah Garage Pros and hire the company when they have issues with their doors. Over the years, we have garnered hundreds of positive reviews which have translated as referrals and extended our customer base not just in the city but in other served cities include Kent, New Castle, Kirkland, Bellevue, Mercer Island as well as Redmond. Do not hesitate to contact us 24/7. We also take appointments over the weekend because we understand how important this could be.  If you need any further information regarding our services, a free quote and general information, you could contact Issaquah Garage Pros.