Garage Door Repair
Garage Door Repair

Renton Garage Pros understands the importance of the residential garage door. We know that to have a garage, either attached or detached from the house is quite a privilege. The garage is a catch-all room, a man cave, a project room, a place to work out, a place for kids to ride their bikes or hang out with friends when its’ raining outside. Over time, the garage door goes open and closed so many times, it may just fall apart one day and you won’t be able to put it together. Don’t wait until your residential garage door is irreparable to replace it.

Call in Renton Garage Pros today and let us help you get the doors working smoothly. We recommend our expert technicians and services. All the technicians are licensed, insured and bonded which is a guarantee that all of the residential garage door repair and maintenance services are excellent.

Signs That You Need Garage Door Repair

Here are five signs that you need to replace it very soon, allowing you enough time to call a professional from Renton Garage Pros to replace it and always keep your garage protected.

  • Rust: Rust is always a bad sign and if your garage door is metal, it will rust. Once you see rust, it doesn’t disappear. You can’t scrub it off, you can’t treat it, and you certainly can’t ignore it.  You need an expert to call in and get it back as new.
  • Jumping off tracks: You depend on your garage door to open and close smoothly every time. If you open it one day, or close it, and it jumps off the tracks, you may need more than one person to help you put it back on the line straight so it will operate. You may be able to fix it now but chances are, the mechanisms are wearing out and allowing more movement which will result in constant jumping.
  • Stops mid – way: When you go in the garage in the mornings to start your car and pull out of the garage to head off to work, you never stop to realize that one day, that door is not going to rise up anymore and will become stuck. Then you will need to get out of your car and manually pick it up and then get back in your car to pull it out, and then get out of your car to shut the garage. You don’t have time for this and until you replace your residential garage door,you will continue to do this routine.
  • Seals No Longer Work: The seal around your garage door keeps the weather elements out and the garage can stay nice and warm inside. After a while, that strip that goes around the door will become hard and brittle and eventually falling off. This will leave your residential garage door vulnerable to elements of weather sneaking in your garage.
  • Refurbishing the garage door: If you decide to paint your home a different color, you are going to need to update the look of your garage door as well. It’s important that everything matches otherwise everyone will notice what you didn’t do.

Your residential garage door can be replaced as simple as calling a professional from Renton Garage Pros to go over some options for you and your home’s new look. Additionally, these are some other aspects that need to be considered, including:

  • Broken spring repair
  • Replacement of torsion spring
  • Repair of door cables
  • Bent/broken rollers
  • Rusted, misaligned or bent track
  • Replacement of panels
  • Installation of new garage doors

It is important that the trusted garage door service technician is called in and that is why we only hire the best in the area. We not only offer quality repairs but all installations are done on time, each time. With a wide range of garage doors available, we can help you pick the best door for your home. From Overhead garage doors to wooden doors with the classic looks, there is a whole range available. Pick the one that suits your exterior requirements.

Call in Renton Garage Pros and we’ll get it all done. Irrespective of your maintenance, installation and repair requirements, we are affordably priced and ensure quality services. Whether you need the services immediately or are just looking for another quote, we’ll be happy to work along with your requirements. Our technicians are trained and experienced to carry our brand which is not just genuine and original but are one of the leading companies in Renton .