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I called to get a quote for my garage door. I installed the opener myself with a makeshift brace and wanted to both extend the opener to the 8 foot it should have and also brace the opener a bit better.

I think Adam came out? Maybe that is his American name I am not sure as others here call him Amit? Anyway he was able to come out the same day on request – we are moving and needed this done asap.

He was very polite and friendly and seemed very confident in what he was doing. He took a look at the rig I made and said he was pretty confident that I shouldn’t change anything. He said it would cost a lot to move it, install the extension, and he wasn’t sure that if it were mounted to the high ceiling that it would be stable – that there would be too much wobble for it to be secure. Wow!

I asked him if he does anything else – nope, he specializes in garages only. That was awesome to hear because you just never know if you’re dealing with a do-it-all contractor or someone who knows their stuff.

I didn’t want to just thank him and not pay anything since he showed up the same day on request, so I asked him to help me with a wiring issue. I never got the wire set up for the interior opener box. He checked it out and even helped me figure out the wiring somewhat. When he connected the box, it didn’t work, and we both were certain the existing wiring in the wall was broken somewhere. He offered to add new wiring along the inside of the garage, tacked to the wall and ceiling, to at least get it working, and he offered a great price for the work. I declined as I am pretty good with wiring myself.

I asked him what I owed him for the work. He said I didn’t owe him anything. Wow. I insisted I should pay at least $25 for his time and effort helping me figure out a solution and for his consultation, and he still declined. He didn’t want anything and was happy to help me find a good solution. I told him that if the home inspector found some issue with the opener that we would definitely be calling him to do the work.

So here’s the best part. His explanation on how the wiring works gave me confidence that maybe the interior wiring was still good. After he left, I spent a long time figuring out where it all ran and tested the lines myself with a multimeter. It was not easy but I ended up finding out that the internal wiring was good. The problem was the interior box takes like 20-30 seconds to light up and initialize! I had not had an interior box for years because of this!

I ended up splicing the wire I needed just as Adam/Amit did earlier and connected the whole thing. It all works. I braced the makeshift brace even more, and in the end, we passed inspection without even a mention of the garage. It was awesome.

This is the place to call if you need a garage door worked on. I truly feel his attitude towards the work is genuine. He is one of those rare service professionals that know their stuff and make you feel so good to deal with them. It is rare, so rare. I wish all the people who helped get our house ready were this good. Thank you!

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Amit was so prompt in contacting us, setting an appointment, and fixing our garage door. His service was impeccable and he saved us a lot of money by repairing our door rather than replacing it. His prices are reasonable and his service dependable. I wish every repair person I deal with could be as great as Amit was today.

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We recently used Amit at Garage Door Pros and he was amazing to work with.  Extremely quick in communication, very easy to schedule with and clearly very knowledgeable.  Amit also let us know that eventually some things would need to get done to our garage door, but not all at once and nothing immediate.  Super up front.  We got Amit’s name from nextdoor.com where he had glowing reviews- couldn’t agree more!

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I highly recommend Renton Garage Pros.  Amit is very professional, knowledgable and capable.  I called him because I needed a very old garage door mechanism replaced and another one repaired.  He provided a quick and fair quote and, once I told him to go ahead and do the job, he arrived on time and prepared.  He did a fantastic job and I am very pleased.

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Last Sunday evening, I called a garage door repair man for my dad who lives in Renton. He was trying to call in his garage door company but they only work Monday-Friday and being a Sunday, his car was stuck in the garage.

I was looking through the listings on Yelp on my Android Yelp APP, when I came to Seattle Garage Pro which works 24/7. I gave them a call and within an hour, Amit arrived. He inspected the door and suggested the spring needed to be replaced.
Amit explained why it had stopped working, talked about the price and was very forthcoming about the charges and procedure.

They had the tools and other spare parts in the van overall it was under $400 which is cheaper then what I paid last time After he  completed the repairs (yes, they did it on the same visit). It was quick and professional, I am happy  that he could go out that night. I completely recommend Seattle Garage Pros. Keep up the great job.
Over all pleasant experience, much better then we had the last time around.

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Job was done in a timely and courteous manner. Called at noon and they finished the job by 2 pm. They installed and reinforced an electric garage door opener and assisted nicely with the maintenance of the garage door opener. They have proven to be reliable and quick.